NEO Price Prediction For October 2017

NEO Price Prediction For October 2017
Neo is the fine performing principal nowadays, because it surged returned to the $30 stage after a irritating length that turned into dominated by using a downward glide.  The coin is now simply beneath the important thing resistance stage, and it is able to be geared up to check the $34 stage, with a in addition goal determined at $40. The lengthy-term photo still looks fantastic, with robust support stages at $27 and $25.NEO Price Prediction For October 2017

"NEO Price Prediction For October 2017"
Neo helped me take into account why i'm a one man cryptocurrency.

On certainly one of my last live streams viewers endorsed me to buy neo. I bought it at $30, and it proceeded to drop down to almost $10, perhaps $15. Then, it went back as much as $19. I bought my neo and purchased more steem with it. 'NEO Price Prediction For October 2017'

I suppose neo has an awesome opportunity inside the future, but i don't see whether it'll make into that very top. I think neo may want to unload a chunk more.

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  1. NEO is the the first decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency and Blockchain platform launched in China. NEO describes itself as a distributed network for the Smart Economy
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  2. NEO is promoted as Chinese Ethereum and sometimes as Ethereum Killer. There are some key differences between NEO and Ethereum:

    Language: Ethereum supports only Solidity, whereas NEO will support Java, GO, Python and .NET.

    Consensus Mechanism: Ethereum is working on Pow and will soon shift to PoS, while NEO follows Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

    Mining: Miners earn Ethereum per block mined. All NEOshares are premined. Anybody who keeps there NEO in their Neowallet will earn some GAS.Neo Online Wallet


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