NEO Events Council Report 2018

NEO Events Council Report 2018
The “Chinese Ethereum” as some people refer to this cryptocurrency has a packed April. The main focus will be on their extended tour of Europe. However, April begins with the value of its native coin having tanked from a high of $130 on 4th March 2018 to below $50 on 1st April. That represents a drop of more than 56% over the month.

After a month of steadily dropping in value, NEO seeks to begin April on a high note. Its price has gained +4.78% against the US dollar to test the $50 mark. NEO showed some resilience as it held on to recover from the low of $44 it reached on Sunday 1st April 2018. It has rallied to consolidate some support just below the $48 price level. The price movement is reflected in the hour-to-hour charts as the $50 mark looks attainable. However, the overall market sentiment is quite negative and expectations are that the bears will still have their say.

NEO Events Council Report 2018

The NEO council released its official monthly report highlighting events, achievements, and developments for the two months. Key highlights of the report included the end of the Development Competition that was organized in conjunction with Microsoft. The report showed that almost 500 projects were represented, out of which about 50 were cleared at the initial check. The winners will be picked from the final list of 16 projects.

There were also updates on the KPN and City of Zion consensus nodes. They were said to have run the testnet uninterrupted for two months. However, they pointed out that the Fenbushi Capital node didn’t run and will be relocated due to decentralization issues

The report also pointed out that newer versions of the NEO-CLI had been released to deal with a P2P bug that had led to slow block times. This involved v2.7.3 and v2.7.4 of the CLI. Noting that there were several exchanges which sought to implement NEP-5, the council indicated that it had gone ahead to release upgrades to v2.7.1 or later ones for this purpose.

During the first-ever NEO Hackathon, the NEOspace project claimed first prize. The NEOspace project was a Smart Contract aimed at leasing office space to users but based on how much time one needed the space. The second prize went to Medchain. Theirs was a project designed to store and manage patient data. The next two prizes were seized by Neogenesis and Oblip.

April sees the Smart Economy platform step on the gas as it aims to get more people into its community.

Its calendar for April is as impressive as it was in February and March. In those two months, especially March, NEO held a total of 28 events. These included meet-ups and workshops across the Asia- Pacific region.  The digital assets platform also held its first ever Hackathon in Taipei on 11 March 2018.

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